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Action ball

Action ball is a hybrid game inspired by netball that is now available at Hills Indoor Sports. Action ball is played on Tuesday evenings with matches taking place over 4x10 minute quarters. 


Action ball rules:

* Each team consists of six players as is the case in regular mixed netball, a maximum of three males may take the court at any one time.
* The court is broken into two halves as opposed to thirds, these zones are called attacking and defensive half. Attacking players may move within their half, centre players may move up and down the whole court whilst not entering the circle and defensive players may roam within their defensive half.

* Matches are played over 4x10 minute quarters.

* Goals scored from within the circle are worth 1 goal, goals scored from outside the circle are worth 2 goals.

* Umpires will begin the game with a tossup, after a goal is scored the conceding team will restart play from the top of their defensive circle.

Action ball is a fun paced social game that can be played by people of all ages and abilities. A full list of rules as stated by the New Zealand netball association can be found below by clicking on the pdf.


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