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Hills Indoor Sports reserves the right to remove any team from a 
competition at any point at managements discretion.

Monday Evenings-

6-a-side ladies netball

6-a-side mixed netball.


Tuesday Daytime-

6-a-side ladies netball


Tuesday Evenings-

6-a-side ladies netball.

6-a-side mixed netball.


Wednesday Evenings-

6-a-side Indoor Cricket:


Thursday Evenings-

4-a-side men’s soccer.

8-a-side men's cricket.


Friday Evenings-

5-a-side mixed soccer.

Sunday Evenings-

5-a-side men's soccer.

Teams may join any competition at any time. Teams will be given average

points for the rounds they have missed. Get fit and active in a social

environment today. 

Please Note: All players take the court at their own risk.


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