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Super 6's Indoor Premier League

Introducing Hills Indoor Sports newest and most exciting cricket competition to date. The Super 6's Indoor Premier League will begin on Thursday 13th August 2015 and it's not to be missed.

We're introducing Zing light up bails to each match throughout the competition as well as batting power plays for each skin.

Rules: (Standard indoor cricket rules apply to all areas of the game, the only exceptions are listed below).

* 12 eight ball overs per innings.

* The final over of each skin is a batting power play. Each run scored is doubled, but beware because each wicket that falls is also double. (Example: a batter hits a 7, they will be awarded 14 runs. If a batter is out however they will lose 10 runs). This creates a thrilling end to each skin.

Be part of the most exciting indoor cricket competition around, register a team today online at:

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