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A lot can happen in a year

Today marks one year of management at Hills Indoor Sports, all I can say is what a year it has been for myself, the centre and our loyal teams.

As a centre, we have achieved a number of amazing feats over the last twelve months. We successfully hosted the first weekend of the Indoor Netball Federation Australia Super nationals, merged with Blacktown indoor sports and we were a part of another major first for the centre that can't be revealed at this time (more information will be revealed in the coming weeks).

Over the past year I have witnessed a significant growth in new members and teams throughout our many competitions, I would personally like to thank each player, team and supporter who calls Hills Indoor Sports home, without you guys the centre could not offer the high standard of competitions that we do. We pride ourselves on community and engagement and thus we offer sports for all ages and skill levels to allow everybody the opportunity to play within our centre.

The passion we witness on a daily basis is incredible and I still find it awe inspiring to be a part of. We had an amazing 228 teams playing here weekly throughout the soccer and netball off season. We are looking to bigger and better things throughout the next year as we look to grow and take our competitions to the next level.

A huge thank you to my staff team for all the work they have put in over the last twelve months, we would not be in this position today without our counter staff team and umpires who do an amazing job each and every night of the week.

Once again, I would like to thank everybody for the support and well wishes from day one. I look forward to seeing you all throughout the next twelve months and beyond.



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