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Hills Sports Sydney mixed netball league- 2015 Championship

The Hills Sports Sydney Mixed netball league gets underway this coming Monday at Hills Indoor Sports Centre with games being played on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening.

We would love to see as many people as possible down at the centre enjoying the action throughout the week.

Hills Indoor Sports wishes all players the best of luck throughout the tournament.

Main Draw:

Monday August 10th 2015-

6:45pm- Court 3- Kozzis vs Unoriginals

6:45pm- Court 4- Hunter vs Black Magic

8:15pm- Court 3- Hunter vs Kozzis

Tuesday August 11th 2015-

6:45pm- Court 3- Steelers vs Singapore

6:45pm- Court 4- Black magic vs Kozzis

7:30pm- Court 4- Hunter vs Steelers

8:15pm- Court 4- Hunter vs Unoriginals

Wednesday 12th August 2015-

6:30pm- Court 3- Steelers vs Black Magic

6:30pm- Court 4- Singapore vs Unoriginals

7:15pm- Court 3- Singapore vs Kozzis

7:15pm- Court 4- Unoriginals vs Black magic

Thursday 13th August 2015-

6:45pm- Court 3- Singapore vs Hunter

6:45pm- Court 4- Steelers vs Kozzis

7:30pm- Court 3- Singapore vs Black Magic

7:30pm- Court 4- Steelers vs Unoriginals

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