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Meet Goober United- Hills indoor sports premier league cup 2015.

Formerly known as I Don’t Know during the 2014-2015 Hills Commercial Real Estate premier league season, Goober United will be red hot favourites to take out this year’s premier league cup.

Having finished 3rd in the first edition of the competition and 4th overall after the finals, the team will be looking to take out the trophy during this year’s event.

Goober United have a number of quality players including the likes captain Matt Grey and Luke Tinker. Goober United will start their campaign with a tough group stage game again interracial FC, who recently finished 3rd in our Friday night men's competition.

The boys play a sensational counter attack game and are silky in the skills department, making it difficult for defences to handle them at times. The team’s energetic style of play and quick passing will be a delight to watch throughout this weekend’s tournament.

Goober United's fixtures:

We look forward to seeing the boys on the pitch this Sunday.

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