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Meet Interracial FC- Hills indoor sports premier league cup 2015.

Having finished fourth in their one and only compeition at Hills Indoor Sports, the Interracial FC boys will be looking to shake up the 2015 edition of the Hills indoor premier league.

Interracial FC have a line up of quality players that includes no less then 3 CFFA NSW u/23 representatives, the boys will be hard to handle with their use of silky skills, short passes and speed around the court.

Interracial are a team that use patient build up play to get the ball where it needs to be, the team controls matches by holding possesion and starving the oppostiton of the ball, something not often seen in the indoor game. Interracial FC are a young side with high stamina levels, this will give the boys a great advantage going into this weekends compeition.

The boys are attack minded scoring the second most goals in their debut season at Hills indoor sports.

Interracial will be hard to stop going into this weekends tournament, if they hold the ball and play to their strenths there is no doubt they will be genuine contenders for the trophy.

Good luck to the Interracial FC boys in this weekends tournament.

Interracial FC's fixtures:

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