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Meet Right Peg FC- Hills indoor sports premier league cup 2015.

The 2014/2015 champions return to the Hills Indoor Sports premier league in a bid to retain their trophy.

Right Peg FC have a brand new line-up that includes only three players from last year’s triumph, under a new captain and with a new squad the boys hope to retain their championship this coming Sunday.

Right Peg FC carries on the lineage of Team Girra who have won 3 Friday night social grand finals, 4 minor premierships and the 2011 Hills Indoor Sports world cup tournament. The boys play and attacking brand of football with long range shooting preferred to short passes and build up.

Having won the minor premiership undefeated in last year’s Hills Commercial Real Estate premier league, the boys will no doubt be looking to continue that form into this weekend’s event.

Right Peg FC have a number of quality players that include the likes of Michael Fossano and Jonathon Loutsos.

The boys will be looking to come out of the blocks hard on Sunday in their first match together since February’s grand final.

Good luck to Right Peg FC in this weekend’s competition.

Right Peg FC's fixtures:

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