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Soccajoeys is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in kids activities that was established to help and encourage young children with their physical and social development. Soccajoeys kids sport classes are set in a fun and enjoyable recreational setting for children to learn and play the world’s most popular sport, soccer.


Class Timetable:



10:00am- Pre school program.



10:00am- Pre school program.



09:00am- Pre school program.

10:05am- Pre school program.

11:10am- Junior program.


Soccajoeys is a leader in operating kids sports programs, which now include:

Preschool soccer programs for boys and girls aged 3 to 5 years;

Junior soccer programs for boys and girls aged 6 to 8 years;

Daycare soccer programs;

Holiday soccer programs; and

Soccer themed birthday parties.


Soccajoeys programs are designed to introduce children to the early learning principles of soccer along with increasing their physical and social development. Young soccer enthusiasts experience this kids soccer program in an indoor environment, using toddler-safe equipment whilst being facilitated by licensed professionals.Soccajoeys is about a great deal more than just developing a child’s control with the ball, it is about giving them a well-rounded start in their physical, social and educational development.


Why Soccajoeys is #1


Non eliteRun in a nurturing and fun environment

Looks to improve a child’s self confidence and self-esteem

Promotes social interaction with other children

Aids in the development of gross motor skills

All sessions held indoors

Preschool and Junior classes run for one hour


To register your child for Soccajoeys, please visit:

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