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It's time to start thinking about summer sports for children. Junior soccer and netball begins in September at Hills Indoor Sports. All players will be required to produce a birth certificate at the time of registration.

Junior Netball-


Junior Netball is played on Monday and Tuesday afternoons at Hills Indoor Sports Centre. The age groups played on each afternoon include:

- Monday afternoons- Under 8-13's. 
- Tuesday afternoons- Under 14-17's.

6 players take the court per side.

Games times vary between 4:00pm-6:00pm. Matches are played over 2x13 minute halves.

Minimum of 10 rounds in the season.

Total fee: $100.00 per player per season. Active Kids vouchers are accepted and encouraged.




Team registrations is now open online at

For more information please don't hesitate to contact the centre via email or on phone at 0488 112 200.

Start Date: Early November


Under 8's--- Cut off December 31st 2013 
Under 9's--- Cut off December 31st 2012 
Under 10's-- Cut off December 31st 2011 
Under 11's-- Cut off December 31st 2010 
Under 12's-- Cut off December 31st 2009 
Under 13's-- Cut off December 31st 2008 
Under 14's-- Cut off December 31st 2007 
Under 15's-- Cut off December 31st 2006 
Under 16's-- Cut off December 31st 2005
Under 17's-- Cut off December 31st 2004 

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